Marketing automation toolkit for growth teams

Customer messaging that improves retention & revenue

With Lumen, understand customer behavior and send precise messages via SMS, emails and push notifications, all with no level of expertise.
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Message automation made easy

All on autopilot, deliver the right message to convert, engage and retain more customers.
Know and group your customers based on their interaction with your product.
Send tailored messages that convert via multiple channels.
Get reports
Look forward to goals and targets which can make you know what adjustments to make.

Detailed yet simple Insights

Going the extra mile to understand the customers in your business go a long way. Generate reports that have already analyzed the needed information and is being displayed in a very simple manner.Explore
Detailed yet simple Insights

Connect your data sources with ease

Import your customer data with your preferable mode of imports or just add them manually on Lumen.
Connect your data sources with ease

No need to restart, use existing integrations

Connect your favorite integrations easily to allow smooth flow of your business operations on Lumen. We do our best to make life as comfortable as possible for our users and their customers.
Try it out now!

Templates that check your boxes

You can always start quickly with templates, who doesn’t like doing things easy?
Welcome userGive your customers the best start to your product to make them feel as comfortable as possible.
Welcome user and initiate first purchaseSegment new users you want to drive to make their first purchase
Welcome user and send bonus updateGive your customers the best start to your product to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Loved by growth teams

A word from our awesome customers.
Timi IdowuCEO, Inawo

Lumen has helped us in some many ways. One recent way is through segments and automated campaigns, we can send congratulatory messages and emails to our couples that are just about to do their weddings the day before it starts.

Oct 15, 2022.
Daniel TorkuraProduct Manager, Moneymie

Lumen helped us properly target our users across all channels, which allowed us to improve our metrics. It’s an awesome tool for startups.

Oct 15, 2022.
Set up in 5 minutesWith just one click,Convert browsers to buyers.
It’s that easy, see for yourself!Get started now
It’s that easy, see for yourself!Get started now

Frequently Asked Questions

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